Welcome on the wellness boat

A beach

A beach, framed by splendid dunes with fine, soft sand, the infinite blue of the Tyrrhenian in front, bounded at the sides by the Sperlonga headland and the mythical profile of Mount Circeo. The Emperor Tiberius loved this view and would banquet in his villa near the Cave, watching the sunset and surrounded by statues raised on his orders, the marvellous Odyssey of marble, or "Ulixis errationes per topia" (the wanderings of Ulysses over many lands), as Vitruvius put it. According to an ancient legend, telling of a time far more remote than that of the Emperor Tiberius, it was on this strip of coast, just north of Sperlonga, that exiles from Laconia landed and founded a city, Amiclae, when then mysteriously disappeared. Still today this stretch of coastline maintains the name of Sinus Amiclanus.

A heart

A heart: the impetuous, courageous heart of Luigino (Gino to his friends) who almost for fun, with a great desire for life and excitement, began a marvellous adventure together with his faithful friends (Franco, Mario, Pasquale and Federico) and with the quiet determination of his wife Giuseppina at his side. It soon turned out to be a great success. What might have been considered a game at the beginning became a truly demanding business venture, which he carried on with sacrifice and modesty until the end of his life. Today his children (Eleuterio, Filippo and Amelia) continue their father's great endeavour with simplicity and pride.


A hut

In 1960 it appeared to the eyes of its first customers as little more than a hut, fitted out by Gino to provide refreshments, deck-chairs and beach umbrellas. Today this beach resort, named "La nave" (the ship), is one of the most exclusive and elegant complexes of Sperlonga, equipped with about 200 umbrellas spaced out and orderly in three rows, showers and changing rooms and areas for shade and relaxation, with fully-equipped wellness facilities, overlooking the beach at a number of levels; and also a restaurant where guests can eat indoors or in the open. Over the years a 3-star hotel has been added, ably managed by Patrizia.

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