A beach, framed by splendid dunes with very fine sand in the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea bordering the Sperlonga promontory and the mythical profile of Monte Circeo.

The Emperor Tiberius loved this view and used to feast in his Villa near the Grotto, watching the sunset, surrounded by the statues he himself had erected.

An ancient legend, referring to a much more distant time than that of the Emperor Tiberius, tells that exiles from Laconia landed on this strip of land just north of Sperlonga and founded a city, Amyclae, which then mysteriously disappeared.


A heart, the impetuous and courageous one of Luigino (Gino for friends) who, almost for fun, with a great desire for life and joy, together with faithful friends (Franco, Mario, Pasquale and Federico), supported by the silent and tenacious wife Giuseppina, began the wonderful adventure which soon resulted in a great success.

What could be considered at the beginning a game, became a real and demanding work activity, carried out with sacrifice and humility until the end of personal existence. Today in his place his children (Eleuterio, Filippo and Amelia) continue the great paternal enterprise with simplicity and pride.


A hut, or a little more, appeared in 1960 to the eyes of the first customers as the refreshment point and supply of chairs and umbrellas equipped by Gino. Today the Lido “La nave” includes one of the most exclusive and elegant establishments in Sperlonga, equipped with about 200 umbrellas, spaced and arranged in three rows, with showers and changing rooms and with shaded areas, for relaxation and well-being equipped, above the beach on several levels; and also a restaurant with indoor and outdoor spaces.

Over time, a 3-star hotel has been added, equipped with 15 rooms, wisely managed by Patrizia.

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